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Hello Everyone and welcome to my Simple Fast Easy English website. Learning another language has always been a passion of mind since I was 18 years old and over the years I have encountered myself speaking 3 different languages and knowing to basics of at least 5, I’m self-taught and every day seek to advance in being multilingual.

Growing up as a young adult I always loved school and had a huge appetite for learning new things and seeing what the Brian is truly capable of learning and retaining, being a kid from Lewes Delaware opportunity seemed illusive, Nonetheless I graduated with a 3.5 GPA and started my life. I found my interest in speaking other languages the first acquired is Spanish, my native tongue is English, currently mastering fluency in Mandarin, the basics of Romanian, and German.

Now I would like to offer help to Foreigners, Internationalist, and my home land to break down language barriers!

A short story on me and languages.

The past few years I have learned a ton about Foreign people, international people, cultural exchange, foreign languages, and how to understand many walks of life. I have taught myself new languages through various outlets such as Books, YouTube, Social media, and of course many helpful foreign friends. This has enabled me to sharpen my people skills and hone in my teaching ability on a broader platform! I want to proffer my insight on many techniques you can use to interact with foreign and international people, as well as provide you with tips that International big businesses are doing to grow their net worth; English/Foreign communication! I will also entertain you with the latest gadgets, products, and tech’s to world uses to break down language barriers


Internationally Evolving!

I graduated, was thrown out into the working world, I worked numerous jobs as a young adult majority being fast food joints and retail. This is when I encountered many walks of life and mixed cultures as well the horrible realization that to guy next to you can’t speak English or you native tongue. To me it was devastating that I couldn’t share a laugh with this person or let alone complete my job efficiently, I love people I am 100% a people person; this sprung my journey into to world of languages it started with simple things like saying hello, what’s you name, how are you, good morning, and no matter what language you speaking once they see you effort to communicate with them thet light right up and a big smile comes across their face in surprise that you said something in their language that they could understand! instantly breaking down barriers and making a connection also opening doors, that’s what makes me passionate about what I do.

Most of the content I am go to be showing on my page will help you speak better English, enhance your international vocabulary, and take in the necessary skills to study and learn multiple language; I want to teach you and show you the top methods of retaining what you study, show you what the worlds top leading Guru’s and businesses are using to get over the language hurtle, Also show you the international travels and cultures you missing out on!

Get ready to make new friends and open a culture of opportunities in our multilingual world!


One language leads to another, Let that be your opportunity!

Why sit around wishing you could work abroad, or could make that business venture if only you could speak English! Take action and start studying any language of you choice for 2 hours a day and check you progress and growth in a week, you will be astonished. Then put those skills to test and practice and repeat, then reap the benefits of your hard work!

So get started today take a look around and if you have any questions I would love to hear them.

All to best,


Founder of Simple Fast Easy English


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  1. Catalina Matei

    The best

    • Thank you so much, if you would like I can set you up with so very good English starter words to get you going and see how advanced you are!

      Best Regards- Ramone

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