Learn Simple Fast English – ” Vocabulary Comprehension! “

Want to learn English? Understand how to comprehend!

What is comprehension?

Comprehension actually comes from the Latin term, comprehension em, which means “a seizing.” When you have comprehension of a subject, you have seized information and incorporated it into your own knowledge. Any kind of mental grasping of an idea or a subject is a kind of comprehension. You might attempt comprehension of a curious situation, like the fact that Cat’s are scared of water. Sometimes, such mysteries are beyond comprehension!


( N ) an ability to understand the meaning or importance of something (or the knowledge acquired as a result)

The ability to obtain excellent comprehension skills will ultimately lead to fluidity in the English language! thus, Will enhance your day to day social interactions with English speakers. Once you master your comprehension skills you will notice the quality of your daily English conversations improving, as to where it was just HI’s, Bye’s, Good morning’s, and Goodnight’s! You’ll slowly start advancing to how are you, have a good day, see you later, or see you tomorrow. These are conversation starters and ender’s!

These are just small examples guys, once vocabulary meets comprehension you have unlocked another door that was slowing you down from your goal! In the next few segments we will be going over vocabulary words and comprehension skills a simple path to simple fast English!

Vocabulary – ” The Approach! “

When it comes down to it yes the key is to enhance your vocabulary, most people think the more words they study the better, the more words they look at the better, the more times they repeat the words the better, Well I have to tell you this is wrong totally incorrect and only a method that will lead to failure!

Of course, you want your vocabulary to grow and yes that is the beginning process of what I call brain logging an act in which the brain starts logging in new information new English words downloading new material for the first time it begins logging it into your memory!

I can’t stress it enough there is no need to over cram your brain with dozens of words at a time, it’s point less you won’t remember even 7 after studying! The key to enhancing your vocabulary is to study short amount of vocabulary words in an extended period, Focus on set’s of words for a while until your comfortable with them and can speak them with ease and fluidity then you move on to the next set. See example below.

>Happy| >Hello| >Talk| >To| >Walk| >Go| >Stop| >Jump|

This list is completely random just to show you to focus on a narrow list of vocabulary words as opposed to just looking at dozens of words all at once, the brain will get to distracted to even remember the last word you looked at, Train you brain!!!

” Keep that in mind “

    Take time to download your memory study this set of words first take mental note to get familiar with the words, Study them for say 3 days if their not sticking continue until you can memorize them without looking at them,

    not only memorize them also, comprehend what they mean!

    Once you have learned how to study vocabulary correctly and you start seeing improvements in your English,

    Then all you have to do is repeat this studying technique over daily with your vocabulary words.

    There is a certain way you want to be repetitive!

    You don’t just look at new words and repeat them to yourself in hopes that you will memorize them, You need to study each word carefully until you fully comprehend them!

    Once acquired words are comprehended the way you will be repeating them and using them over and over is by moving on to the next studying process! after you have learned this set of words or a new set, Its times to use them, You need to start trying to make sentences out of the words, start putting the words together so that they make sense. Don’t worry we will cover how exactly to do this in the next segment!

    Vocabulary – ” Sentence Making! “

    Once Study methods above are practiced, You should notice an expansion in your English vocabulary! Continue building your English vocabulary and review as much as needed until familiar with all words; Trust me you will need them and use them even if you think you won’t.

    * Sentences *

    Now that you have enhanced your vocabulary it’s time to start forming and making sentences! You will find making sentences will become very simple and easy once your vocabulary has been enhanced and memorized. This is key to sentence building!

    So……… How doe’s one begin transforming learned English vocabulary into sociable, and communicable sentences?

    Great question! Follow along in the examples below!

    English vocabulary list: Ex;

    – To | – Go | – From | – It | – Walk | – Store | – Home | -You | – Big | – Be |

    – I | – Want | – The | – He | – She | – Happy | – Like | – People | – Little |

    Short Sentence making: Ex;

    ( I want to go! )

    ( I want to go the store. )

    ( He is happy! )

    ( He is happy to be home. )

    ( I like happy people. )

    ( She likes to walk! )

    ( She likes to walk to the store. )

    These are a few examples for beginners on how you slowly begin to make sentences out of simple vocabulary words, The more vocabulary words you memorize the longer and better your sentences become! You can begin to add more and more on to the sentences or statement as you enhance your vocabulary!

    repeat this method and it will surly lead to your fluidity in any language.

        Simple fast English – ” Meat And Patato’s “

        These valuable vocabulary techniques and study methods are key to your fluency in English if you follow these basic simple methods over and over you are sure to succeed in enhancing and expanding your English vocabulary which, in turn will lead to your sentence making at a high quality sociable level! Take time to practice what I have just went over with you it will definitely increase your learning rate and accuracy also, You will have a much better comprehension level of your vocabulary words.

        Simple Fast English, – 3 Simple Study Methods!

        How do you obtain fluency in any language?

        Essentially the road to fluency is to study! The more you study the more your brain will retain and the faster you will begin speaking English. Today we will go over the simple studying methods that will get you speaking English right away!

        Pay attention to these 3 study methods!

        Reading! – ” Expand Your Brain “

          Believe it or not no matter what the more you open your books and study the more your brain will retain and grow, The words eventually will stick! You will see this automatically just keep your head in the book’s.

          Reading is a very powerful stimulate to enhance and grow your ability to hold on to words you have studied, Go over them over and over ! I can’t stress it enough.

          Reading – ” Super Beneficial “

          Reading adds memory storage capacity without any effort at memorization. It’s simply a brain exercise that not only enhances memory ability but slows aging and prevents dementia. Reading increases neuronal current output creating new synapses opening new areas to memory.

          Not only is the effects of reading scientifically proven its something you do every day on a daily basis

          Writing! – ” Familiarization “

          When you begin to write your English words this action will help you get familiar with the words and will aid in your perfect pronunciation and fluency!

          Why Using Pen And Paper, Not Laptops, Boosts Memory: Writing Notes Helps Recall Concepts, Ability To Understand. Using pen and paper for note-taking helps boost memory and the ability to understand, more so than laptops. … Note-taking is a practical way to acquire and retain information while saving time and effort.

          You don’t have to take notes and write in any specific way, you don’t need to even be an expert writer, as long as you understand your material and can study it and gain from it.

          Only you need to understand it!

          Regardless of how your notes look you need to be able to study them and get the most out of what you have just written down, Once you have learned a great amount of vocabulary words you should practice writing and making sentence out of them now!

          Listening! – ” Listen More Than Once “

          repetitiveness, It’s best to listen to audio as a key studying method this will help with enhancing your memory as well as reading. Listening to your audio repetitively locks in the words right in your ears, what I mean by this is when you hear English words or other people speaking English your brain will automatically pick up on the word and recognize it as well as auto translate it for you without you even trying.

          I like to call this your auditory receptors, They pick up on everything!

          Critical listening helps a person understand and evaluate what is being said and how it is being said. It permits the listener to concentrate on the main points and evidence offered for each point and to determine the speaker’s viewpoint and why he or she holds that perspective.

          Simple Fast English – “The Big 3

          The Methods above are scientifically proven to enhance your ability to speak English fluently, Don’t think your just gone learn English with only one of these methods you will never obtain fluency this way. You must incorporate all three of these study methods when you’re studying!

          I understand this may seem hard to do and concentrate but, if you think to your self why am I not understanding or speaking correctly, It’s simple because you need to change the way you study and focus on ” The Big 3 “ Reading, Writing, and Listening!

          ” If ” you truly want to speak English simply make the changes in your study habits today.

          Simple Fast English – Start with the basics!

          Good Day to all! Today we are going to go over sticking to the basic’s this allows you to focus on relevant content that you will be using daily, not going a stray studying words and sentence that you may never us right of the back! this will ensure a simple, fast, and easy path to learning English.

          In order to begin a conversation or even gain someone’s attention you must be able to greet them; Rule number one the basic’s, Greeting’s! Let’s get into some (simple) fast English conversation starter’s and greeting’s. Saying Hello is the most basic greeting or just simply saying Hi, this gains the individuals’ attention gets them to notice you after that you can decide how to proceed with the conversation.Saying Hello

          Greetings – ” Initial Contact “

          In order to make the transition from studying English to actually speaking English, Yes you must and will start of with the most basic simple greeting’s Such as Hi, Bye, and Hello then once you get better you will want to advance to your Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, and Good Night! Beginners should be able to say and use these greeting.

          Once you get accustomed to using these greeting day in and day out they will become fluent to you pretty much you won’t even have to think to say it, OK so now lets say you want to move on to a more in depth conversation but don’t know how! Well that’s when you get a little more personal and start thinking about one’s feeling’s ask your friend or colleague How are you? this is a direct question and shouldn’t go unanswered, It prompts the person to basically respond. The answer you will receive will be…. If the person Speaks English well……….

          1. I’m doing well
          2. I’m doing fine

            But, actually most people don’t respond like that it’s usually I’m doing good, or they simply just say good! then they may ask the question back. Like……. Good, How are you? Now they are inquiring about your feelings which keep’s the conversation going, Hope you studied well enough to keeping speaking English with them!

            Know Your Grammar/Vocabulary!

            When studying make sure you understand your content and how you will be utilizing it makes sure you use the right word’s in the proper context for example when using basic greetings such as Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, and Good Night! You don’t want to say Good Evening when it’s Afternoon understand the difference.Good Evening

            Take a look at some of these English books with basic, simple, fast, easy English greetings and more!

            1. https://www.amazon.com/English-Step-Step-Learners-step/dp/0071820981/ref=sr_1_8?crid=L11X0U1FF1MY&keywords=English+books+second+language&qid=1569452344&s=books&sprefix=English++book,stripbooks,222&sr=1-8
            2. https://www.amazon.com/Living-Language-English-Complete-ESL/dp/0307972348/ref=sr_1_13?crid=L11X0U1FF1MY&keywords=English+books+second+language&qid=1569452485&s=books&sprefix=English++book,stripbooks,222&sr=1-13
            3. https://www.amazon.com/Practice-Makes-Perfect-English-Second/dp/0071849629/ref=sr_1_3?crid=L11X0U1FF1MY&keywords=English+books+second+language&qid=1569452568&s=books&sprefix=English++book,stripbooks,222&sr=1-3

            When learning new words don’t forget to review them as well add in the old words you already know as well, This helps keep everything you have been studying fresh in your brain as you lock in those new words. As you enhance your vocabulary you will begin putting words together making sentences of your own like a pro, Stick to the basics and what you know keep studying using all your techniques to retain valuable information and get the most out of your study time.

            Starting with the basics always leads to a broader conversation you can take it as far as like the more you test yourself the better you will become over time, as you continue to study and learn English you will start to familiarize yourself with English words and this is key to your fluidity when speaking face to face; Let’s get into exactly what being familiar with what your studying entails!

            Familiarize Yourself with word usage!

            The best way to get familiar with what your studying is to repeat the words this is how they become embedded in your brain then you need to practice usage this allows you to become familiar with the words before you know it you won’t have to think about the words only speak them with ease! Practice greetings to yourself don’t worry about sounding silly or talking to yourself this is how you get better! your, your own study buddy and the best one at that so get at it and talk aloud so you can hear the word as well not only think it.

            You must repeat the words you study to yourself, It’s a must no matter who you are this is the exact process of familiarization, this is how you will gain courage to test your English with others keep studying and getting as many words as you can in your brain trust me they will stick if you continue to study and use the words. Many people make the mistake thinking once they have study the word they don’t need to review them; this is key to your success in learning English you must stay on your game until you are familiar with the English words!

            Practice greetings to yourself don’t forget repetition is key the more you say the words to yourself the faster your brain will become familiar with them! Studying alone

            English – ” Keep It Simple “

            This is pretty simple study words that you know you will be utilizing in everyday conversation like greetings and asking about one’s feeling for example: You know every day you are going to say Hi, Hello, Good Bye, etc, to someone and you then know you will be most likely be engaging in a conversation, so practice and study what you’re using right of hand and also take note on when, where, and what you get stuck on.

            After you have master the basics push your self to move on to better conversation starters, like sentences!Keep Thinking

            Utilize words you know, start putting them together into phrases I understand making sentences are hard when you first begin because your still learning although, The more you get familiar with the words the more you utilize them with ease thus, leads to your fluency!

            Study, Study, Study = Fluency!

            As you know the more you study the more you enhance your brain, and the more your brain grows as well; yes your brain can continue to grow and hold a great wealth of knowledge! Don’t give up keep studying and see to it that your successful.

            I encourage you all right now to practice your new English words and don’t skip out on studying today! only takes two hours, I wanna see you start making new friends today or gain a new job due to your new skill so get learning (simple) fast English Now! Making Friends

            Learning English – Simple Techniques/Studying Methods!

            Good Day to all! Today we will go over some very simple fast English techniques and studying methods that will have you speaking English with in moments after studying! especially if your eager to learn and have colleagues that you do language exchange with, I know its so fun and exciting watching your Brain dissect and spit out words you never knew before! now it’s time for the big step, Making new friends and breaking down language barriers however, before we get to all that we have to go over some key tool’s, studying methods, and technique’s to insure your success to fluency!

            In the next few segments I will be going over 3 critical studying methods Reading, Writing, and Listening and some techniques to get you speaking simple fast English, Then show you that learning/speaking English is achievable; Get your notebook ready to write down key things to remember after you leave this page!

            Tools – ” Must Have’s “

            Like always you must put first things first and the first thing anyone needs to complete a job or obtain a skill is the right tool’s, The right tool’s will catapult you towards the success that you seek and keep you on the right guidelines. Tools are facilitators in helping you achieve your goal; They are a necessity!

            Let’s go over some key tool’s to your success, go over the list here below and ask yourself what am I missing? if nothing great, If something then find out what and add it!

            1. Notebook – (doe’s not’t have to be specific)
            2. Pencil/Pen
            3. English Dictionary – (With preferred translation)
            4. Electronic Device – (Laptop, Phone, or Library access) ” Auditory Purposes “
            5. English Study Book – (English for Dummies, Basic English for beginners, English Alphabet, Travelers English)

            These tools are what you will use day in and day out to stay focused on achieving a basic, simple, conversational level of English and if prolonged then you will achieve your fluency!

            Studying, (Things You Must Know!)

            Now I understand that not everyone knows how to get the maximum results out of studying new material, and learning a new language, That’s why I’m here! Studying is also something that takes practice and you will get better with your methods the more you study.

            Allow me to explain studying is something that you should plan for, you should set aside time for your studying, make sure you have time to your self to be alone and focus on your material. I recommend at least up to two hours or two hours and a half of studying time a day you don’t want to over cram your brain with too much information something we will get into in the next segment. You should spend majority of your time studying then the last 30 minutes reviewing!

            When it comes’s down to it there are three core studying principles…..

            1. Reading
            2. Writing
            3. Listening

            Reading, Writing, and Listening are the foundation of studying, these three principles naturally propel you towards success with good practice and patients, Let’s talk about the benefits of these powerful studying methods!

            Methods: Retain And Gain!

            Reading – Improves Embodied Cognition and Theory of Mind. The areas with enhanced connectivity included the students’ left temporal cortex, an area of the brain associated with language comprehension, as well as in the brain’s central sulcus, which is associated with sensations and movement. Reading also allows you to visualize the words you are studying as well, when reading be sure not to read to fast or what they call it “skim reading” pay attention to the content in which you are reading if you don’t understand something the first time don’t just keep on reading past it, stop-go back reread it carefully take side note’s if need be then move on.

            It’s important that you understand what you read that way you retain the information your brain just worked so hard to compute and input, that way you gain the ability to access these new words once thought upon.

            Writing – The parietal lobe is the part of the brain that turns letters into words, and words into thoughts. Among the readers it was enhanced and stimulated. The parietal lobe is mainly recognized for its ability to increase writing skills. Writing another very important studying method that goes hand in hand with reading, writing the language enables you to gain fluidity in how a word might sound word by word and once trying to speak the word you can visualize writing it and seeing each letter and it will ultimately help you pronounce more fluently!

            Listening – also, Involves the memory centers in the brain, such as the hippocampus and lowest parts of the frontal lobe. Tapping along with the music gets your cerebellum involved. Reading your English note’s/vocabulary involves the visual cortex, and listening to or recalling your note’s will involve language centers in the temporal and frontal lobes.

            Take these three studying methods and apply them to your every day studying regiment and fluency will surly be acquired, retain and gain simple fast English now!

            Techniques, ” Game Changer “

            The above mentioned studying methods are very simple when applied to learning English, I like to use these methods as techniques its’s like becoming skilled at doing something which you will and are! Mastering these studying techniques and methods will be a game changer in your ability to learn simple fast English!

            Importantly it is very crucial that you take these studying methods very seriously if you really want to learn, doing these simple things over and over will inevitably enhance your English-speaking skills. You don’t want to waste your time studying and not get anything out of the material, like mentioned in previous segment you want to retain and gain get the most out of each studying session.

            Utilizing key techniques to enhance your studying methods allows your brain to grow, if you are yet to understand what a technique/s are I advise you to please take 1 second and read the definition simply click the word!

            Simplicity: [ Practice, Repeat, Repetition, ]

            Simplicity wow what a defined word for your road to success click the word and take a look at the definition then and only then will you understand how obtainable your goal of speaking simple fast English really is.

            Equipped with the above mentioned essentials to learning English and any language, all you need to do now is to practice, repeat, and repetition. Most may say repeat and repetition are the same thing but for me there is a difference, Just repeating something may not have the effect of repeating something over and over so that it sticks with you in the long run continuously saying your vocabulary and using it in everyday practice.

            Learn simple fast English with these Tools, Techniques, and studying methods and get speaking English today don’t be afraid try those new English words you just learned today with a colleague’s surprise them with your steady growth of English words daily the more you use it the better you will speak so just go for it and give it a shot! here’s a couple good English books to get you started check them out!

            Learn simple fast English – Improve English Speaking Skills & Vocabulary

            The world is a very cultural rich foundation of the place in which we humans inhabit, for hundreds of thousands of years the English language has dominated in opening doorways, and building bridges to seize language barriers all over the nations land regardless your Race, Ethnicity, Culture, or Gender. Everyone has spoken English before in one way or another; I am going to show you and walk you through some best simple fast steps to help you start learning English, Enhancing and expanding your English vocabulary today.

            Speaking English is very simple, a few key things to achieve your goal in fluency are Vocabulary, Practice, listening, reading, writing, and speaking. It’s important that you inherit these traits and skills in order to be successful in understanding and speaking simple English!

            I am going to be breaking down for you in segments how to reach you goal of speaking English, focus on these simple fast technique’s, vocabulary, listening, reading, writing, and of course speaking then you will be on your way to learning and retaining new valuable, every day useful, simple, English!

            Importance of being able to speak English in Today’s Society

            English is a language that is spoken all throughout our nation it is embedded in our universe it is one of the most sought after languages to learn and speak in the world. With society’s forever evolving and growing population there are billions of people speaking English you can be one!

            Speaking English has broken down an enormous amount of barriers; Politically, Foreign/Domestic, Business, and Socially and continues to empower our nation with new tools and skills that innovate and carve our society. In today’s society many people speak more than one language mostly two to three languages and I guarantee one of these languages are English! Knowing and speaking English gives you access to things you never had before knowing English, It opens doors that people never knew were there, speaking English gives people a new life better opportunities and changes there overall future in some cases, for example: Take a look at this short video this can be you How English will change your life

            In consideration, English is a worldwide spoken and understood language it is “omnipresent” unlike other languages that are only known in there native town of there homeland. Speaking English is becoming something that is expected of you in today’s society like I said everyone know’s some English and if you’re unaware then now is the time to get learning and speaking simple English! Ok let dig into some key points and tools.

            Studying is the key to learning and speaking!

            No matter who you are the first thing I recommend to everyone one who is studying a new language is a dictionary, No matter what dictionary you buy make sure that it is English/whatever language you are studying see example below; Also using auditory studying methods is a great technique this helps improve your listening skills which is very important you can find these auditory learning platforms via YouTube, Tutoring lesson, or App’s

            1. English/Mandarin
            2. English/SpanishNext you must have note taking ability and of course a notebook! This is another great key to your soon to be success, Writing allows your neurological receptors to familiarize and lock in those words you just wrote down that way they imprint on your membrane that way so when you think of a word it will come to you with ease you will be amazed! now that you understand what will be expected of you take a look at some simple learning books like this Great study Book, Short quick studies and reads ups like this also help keep you relevent and up to date!

            Simple path to simple English!

            The following items I mentioned above are what I like to call your tools! These tools are essential to helping you facilitate your way to speaking English. Using these simple tools you will be speaking great English with great practice.

            I just want to point out some things that keep people from achieving there goals and expectations, Frustration gets at people when it seems like your not learning as fast as you would like or speaking as proper as you think you should. I have found out in these times its best to take some time and review what you have been studying, Re visit your vocabulary take your time and practice what you have been studying.

            Listening is key to enhancing your skills in speaking English this another tool people forget they are born with, Listen to your vocabulary words practice what you hear make up sentences on your own. The ideal here is for you to get the full effect of reading, writing, and listening to what you are studying then you will speak it, These are key technique’s to help you retain all the information your brain just digested.

            Speaking English “Keys to Success”.

            Some few final things, In order to maintain a steady flow of new vocabulary words in your head so you can see that you are improving, is to try to practice saying everything around you in your house in English or same for any other language you may be studying this allows you to be able to say the word more readily and fluently.

            Practice words you know for sure you will be using daily and or in everyday interactions with the same person say, a colleague at work, or a classmate this also keeps words fresh on your Brain and keeps you thinking about the words you have studied and used in a sentence or perhaps a small conversation.

            Speaking English “Tools to Fluency”

            It’s important to note that consistency, repetition, and practice is the key to the goal line, If you use the right tools and stay focused you will achieve the outcome you are looking for.

            Spend some time each day studying not too much to overload the brain, I recommend 1 hour and a half to 2 hours a day to study. Time go’s by really fast spend your first hour and a half studying then review for 30min. While you step away from studying try using some words as you casually go about your day!

            Simple Fast English “Achieve Your Goals And Get Speaking”

            We all were a baby in the beginning and the only thing we could do was listen and look that was how we learned as we grew older we sharpened our skills with reading, writing, and speaking these are the tools we use every day to accomplish every day life skills and obstacles, Use these innate skills, tools, and technique’s and you will surly find fluency in the English language!


            About Ramone

            Hello Everyone and welcome to my Simple Fast Easy English website. Learning another language has always been a passion of mind since I was 18 years old and over the years I have encountered myself speaking 3 different languages and knowing to basics of at least 5, I’m self-taught and every day seek to advance in being multilingual.

            Growing up as a young adult I always loved school and had a huge appetite for learning new things and seeing what the Brian is truly capable of learning and retaining, being a kid from Lewes Delaware opportunity seemed illusive, Nonetheless I graduated with a 3.5 GPA and started my life. I found my interest in speaking other languages the first acquired is Spanish, my native tongue is English, currently mastering fluency in Mandarin, the basics of Romanian, and German.

            Now I would like to offer help to Foreigners, Internationalist, and my home land to break down language barriers!

            A short story on me and languages.

            The past few years I have learned a ton about Foreign people, international people, cultural exchange, foreign languages, and how to understand many walks of life. I have taught myself new languages through various outlets such as Books, YouTube, Social media, and of course many helpful foreign friends. This has enabled me to sharpen my people skills and hone in my teaching ability on a broader platform! I want to proffer my insight on many techniques you can use to interact with foreign and international people, as well as provide you with tips that International big businesses are doing to grow their net worth; English/Foreign communication! I will also entertain you with the latest gadgets, products, and tech’s to world uses to break down language barriers


            Internationally Evolving!

            I graduated, was thrown out into the working world, I worked numerous jobs as a young adult majority being fast food joints and retail. This is when I encountered many walks of life and mixed cultures as well the horrible realization that to guy next to you can’t speak English or you native tongue. To me it was devastating that I couldn’t share a laugh with this person or let alone complete my job efficiently, I love people I am 100% a people person; this sprung my journey into to world of languages it started with simple things like saying hello, what’s you name, how are you, good morning, and no matter what language you speaking once they see you effort to communicate with them thet light right up and a big smile comes across their face in surprise that you said something in their language that they could understand! instantly breaking down barriers and making a connection also opening doors, that’s what makes me passionate about what I do.

            Most of the content I am go to be showing on my page will help you speak better English, enhance your international vocabulary, and take in the necessary skills to study and learn multiple language; I want to teach you and show you the top methods of retaining what you study, show you what the worlds top leading Guru’s and businesses are using to get over the language hurtle, Also show you the international travels and cultures you missing out on!

            Get ready to make new friends and open a culture of opportunities in our multilingual world!


            One language leads to another, Let that be your opportunity!

            Why sit around wishing you could work abroad, or could make that business venture if only you could speak English! Take action and start studying any language of you choice for 2 hours a day and check you progress and growth in a week, you will be astonished. Then put those skills to test and practice and repeat, then reap the benefits of your hard work!

            So get started today take a look around and if you have any questions I would love to hear them.

            All to best,


            Founder of Simple Fast Easy English