Learn simple fast English – Improve English Speaking Skills & Vocabulary

The world is a very cultural rich foundation of the place in which we humans inhabit, for hundreds of thousands of years the English language has dominated in opening doorways, and building bridges to seize language barriers all over the nations land regardless your Race, Ethnicity, Culture, or Gender. Everyone has spoken English before in one way or another; I am going to show you and walk you through some best simple fast steps to help you start learning English, Enhancing and expanding your English vocabulary today.

Speaking English is very simple, a few key things to achieve your goal in fluency are Vocabulary, Practice, listening, reading, writing, and speaking. It’s important that you inherit these traits and skills in order to be successful in understanding and speaking simple English!

I am going to be breaking down for you in segments how to reach you goal of speaking English, focus on these simple fast technique’s, vocabulary, listening, reading, writing, and of course speaking then you will be on your way to learning and retaining new valuable, every day useful, simple, English!

Importance of being able to speak English in Today’s Society

English is a language that is spoken all throughout our nation it is embedded in our universe it is one of the most sought after languages to learn and speak in the world. With society’s forever evolving and growing population there are billions of people speaking English you can be one!

Speaking English has broken down an enormous amount of barriers; Politically, Foreign/Domestic, Business, and Socially and continues to empower our nation with new tools and skills that innovate and carve our society. In today’s society many people speak more than one language mostly two to three languages and I guarantee one of these languages are English! Knowing and speaking English gives you access to things you never had before knowing English, It opens doors that people never knew were there, speaking English gives people a new life better opportunities and changes there overall future in some cases, for example: Take a look at this short video this can be you How English will change your life

In consideration, English is a worldwide spoken and understood language it is “omnipresent” unlike other languages that are only known in there native town of there homeland. Speaking English is becoming something that is expected of you in today’s society like I said everyone know’s some English and if you’re unaware then now is the time to get learning and speaking simple English! Ok let dig into some key points and tools.

Studying is the key to learning and speaking!

No matter who you are the first thing I recommend to everyone one who is studying a new language is a dictionary, No matter what dictionary you buy make sure that it is English/whatever language you are studying see example below; Also using auditory studying methods is a great technique this helps improve your listening skills which is very important you can find these auditory learning platforms via YouTube, Tutoring lesson, or App’s

  1. English/Mandarin
  2. English/SpanishNext you must have note taking ability and of course a notebook! This is another great key to your soon to be success, Writing allows your neurological receptors to familiarize and lock in those words you just wrote down that way they imprint on your membrane that way so when you think of a word it will come to you with ease you will be amazed! now that you understand what will be expected of you take a look at some simple learning books like this Great study Book, Short quick studies and reads ups like this also help keep you relevent and up to date!

Simple path to simple English!

The following items I mentioned above are what I like to call your tools! These tools are essential to helping you facilitate your way to speaking English. Using these simple tools you will be speaking great English with great practice.

I just want to point out some things that keep people from achieving there goals and expectations, Frustration gets at people when it seems like your not learning as fast as you would like or speaking as proper as you think you should. I have found out in these times its best to take some time and review what you have been studying, Re visit your vocabulary take your time and practice what you have been studying.

Listening is key to enhancing your skills in speaking English this another tool people forget they are born with, Listen to your vocabulary words practice what you hear make up sentences on your own. The ideal here is for you to get the full effect of reading, writing, and listening to what you are studying then you will speak it, These are key technique’s to help you retain all the information your brain just digested.

Speaking English “Keys to Success”.

Some few final things, In order to maintain a steady flow of new vocabulary words in your head so you can see that you are improving, is to try to practice saying everything around you in your house in English or same for any other language you may be studying this allows you to be able to say the word more readily and fluently.

Practice words you know for sure you will be using daily and or in everyday interactions with the same person say, a colleague at work, or a classmate this also keeps words fresh on your Brain and keeps you thinking about the words you have studied and used in a sentence or perhaps a small conversation.

Speaking English “Tools to Fluency”

It’s important to note that consistency, repetition, and practice is the key to the goal line, If you use the right tools and stay focused you will achieve the outcome you are looking for.

Spend some time each day studying not too much to overload the brain, I recommend 1 hour and a half to 2 hours a day to study. Time go’s by really fast spend your first hour and a half studying then review for 30min. While you step away from studying try using some words as you casually go about your day!

Simple Fast English “Achieve Your Goals And Get Speaking”

We all were a baby in the beginning and the only thing we could do was listen and look that was how we learned as we grew older we sharpened our skills with reading, writing, and speaking these are the tools we use every day to accomplish every day life skills and obstacles, Use these innate skills, tools, and technique’s and you will surly find fluency in the English language!


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