Learn Simple Fast English – ” Vocabulary Comprehension! “

Want to learn English? Understand how to comprehend!

What is comprehension?

Comprehension actually comes from the Latin term, comprehension em, which means “a seizing.” When you have comprehension of a subject, you have seized information and incorporated it into your own knowledge. Any kind of mental grasping of an idea or a subject is a kind of comprehension. You might attempt comprehension of a curious situation, like the fact that Cat’s are scared of water. Sometimes, such mysteries are beyond comprehension!


( N ) an ability to understand the meaning or importance of something (or the knowledge acquired as a result)

The ability to obtain excellent comprehension skills will ultimately lead to fluidity in the English language! thus, Will enhance your day to day social interactions with English speakers. Once you master your comprehension skills you will notice the quality of your daily English conversations improving, as to where it was just HI’s, Bye’s, Good morning’s, and Goodnight’s! You’ll slowly start advancing to how are you, have a good day, see you later, or see you tomorrow. These are conversation starters and ender’s!

These are just small examples guys, once vocabulary meets comprehension you have unlocked another door that was slowing you down from your goal! In the next few segments we will be going over vocabulary words and comprehension skills a simple path to simple fast English!

Vocabulary – ” The Approach! “

When it comes down to it yes the key is to enhance your vocabulary, most people think the more words they study the better, the more words they look at the better, the more times they repeat the words the better, Well I have to tell you this is wrong totally incorrect and only a method that will lead to failure!

Of course, you want your vocabulary to grow and yes that is the beginning process of what I call brain logging an act in which the brain starts logging in new information new English words downloading new material for the first time it begins logging it into your memory!

I can’t stress it enough there is no need to over cram your brain with dozens of words at a time, it’s point less you won’t remember even 7 after studying! The key to enhancing your vocabulary is to study short amount of vocabulary words in an extended period, Focus on set’s of words for a while until your comfortable with them and can speak them with ease and fluidity then you move on to the next set. See example below.

>Happy| >Hello| >Talk| >To| >Walk| >Go| >Stop| >Jump|

This list is completely random just to show you to focus on a narrow list of vocabulary words as opposed to just looking at dozens of words all at once, the brain will get to distracted to even remember the last word you looked at, Train you brain!!!

” Keep that in mind “

    Take time to download your memory study this set of words first take mental note to get familiar with the words, Study them for say 3 days if their not sticking continue until you can memorize them without looking at them,

    not only memorize them also, comprehend what they mean!

    Once you have learned how to study vocabulary correctly and you start seeing improvements in your English,

    Then all you have to do is repeat this studying technique over daily with your vocabulary words.

    There is a certain way you want to be repetitive!

    You don’t just look at new words and repeat them to yourself in hopes that you will memorize them, You need to study each word carefully until you fully comprehend them!

    Once acquired words are comprehended the way you will be repeating them and using them over and over is by moving on to the next studying process! after you have learned this set of words or a new set, Its times to use them, You need to start trying to make sentences out of the words, start putting the words together so that they make sense. Don’t worry we will cover how exactly to do this in the next segment!

    Vocabulary – ” Sentence Making! “

    Once Study methods above are practiced, You should notice an expansion in your English vocabulary! Continue building your English vocabulary and review as much as needed until familiar with all words; Trust me you will need them and use them even if you think you won’t.

    * Sentences *

    Now that you have enhanced your vocabulary it’s time to start forming and making sentences! You will find making sentences will become very simple and easy once your vocabulary has been enhanced and memorized. This is key to sentence building!

    So……… How doe’s one begin transforming learned English vocabulary into sociable, and communicable sentences?

    Great question! Follow along in the examples below!

    English vocabulary list: Ex;

    – To | – Go | – From | – It | – Walk | – Store | – Home | -You | – Big | – Be |

    – I | – Want | – The | – He | – She | – Happy | – Like | – People | – Little |

    Short Sentence making: Ex;

    ( I want to go! )

    ( I want to go the store. )

    ( He is happy! )

    ( He is happy to be home. )

    ( I like happy people. )

    ( She likes to walk! )

    ( She likes to walk to the store. )

    These are a few examples for beginners on how you slowly begin to make sentences out of simple vocabulary words, The more vocabulary words you memorize the longer and better your sentences become! You can begin to add more and more on to the sentences or statement as you enhance your vocabulary!

    repeat this method and it will surly lead to your fluidity in any language.

        Simple fast English – ” Meat And Patato’s “

        These valuable vocabulary techniques and study methods are key to your fluency in English if you follow these basic simple methods over and over you are sure to succeed in enhancing and expanding your English vocabulary which, in turn will lead to your sentence making at a high quality sociable level! Take time to practice what I have just went over with you it will definitely increase your learning rate and accuracy also, You will have a much better comprehension level of your vocabulary words.

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