Learning English – Simple Techniques/Studying Methods!

Good Day to all! Today we will go over some very simple fast English techniques and studying methods that will have you speaking English with in moments after studying! especially if your eager to learn and have colleagues that you do language exchange with, I know its so fun and exciting watching your Brain dissect and spit out words you never knew before! now it’s time for the big step, Making new friends and breaking down language barriers however, before we get to all that we have to go over some key tool’s, studying methods, and technique’s to insure your success to fluency!

In the next few segments I will be going over 3 critical studying methods Reading, Writing, and Listening and some techniques to get you speaking simple fast English, Then show you that learning/speaking English is achievable; Get your notebook ready to write down key things to remember after you leave this page!

Tools – ” Must Have’s “

Like always you must put first things first and the first thing anyone needs to complete a job or obtain a skill is the right tool’s, The right tool’s will catapult you towards the success that you seek and keep you on the right guidelines. Tools are facilitators in helping you achieve your goal; They are a necessity!

Let’s go over some key tool’s to your success, go over the list here below and ask yourself what am I missing? if nothing great, If something then find out what and add it!

  1. Notebook – (doe’s not’t have to be specific)
  2. Pencil/Pen
  3. English Dictionary – (With preferred translation)
  4. Electronic Device – (Laptop, Phone, or Library access) ” Auditory Purposes “
  5. English Study Book – (English for Dummies, Basic English for beginners, English Alphabet, Travelers English)

These tools are what you will use day in and day out to stay focused on achieving a basic, simple, conversational level of English and if prolonged then you will achieve your fluency!

Studying, (Things You Must Know!)

Now I understand that not everyone knows how to get the maximum results out of studying new material, and learning a new language, That’s why I’m here! Studying is also something that takes practice and you will get better with your methods the more you study.

Allow me to explain studying is something that you should plan for, you should set aside time for your studying, make sure you have time to your self to be alone and focus on your material. I recommend at least up to two hours or two hours and a half of studying time a day you don’t want to over cram your brain with too much information something we will get into in the next segment. You should spend majority of your time studying then the last 30 minutes reviewing!

When it comes’s down to it there are three core studying principles…..

  1. Reading
  2. Writing
  3. Listening

Reading, Writing, and Listening are the foundation of studying, these three principles naturally propel you towards success with good practice and patients, Let’s talk about the benefits of these powerful studying methods!

Methods: Retain And Gain!

Reading – Improves Embodied Cognition and Theory of Mind. The areas with enhanced connectivity included the students’ left temporal cortex, an area of the brain associated with language comprehension, as well as in the brain’s central sulcus, which is associated with sensations and movement. Reading also allows you to visualize the words you are studying as well, when reading be sure not to read to fast or what they call it “skim reading” pay attention to the content in which you are reading if you don’t understand something the first time don’t just keep on reading past it, stop-go back reread it carefully take side note’s if need be then move on.

It’s important that you understand what you read that way you retain the information your brain just worked so hard to compute and input, that way you gain the ability to access these new words once thought upon.

Writing – The parietal lobe is the part of the brain that turns letters into words, and words into thoughts. Among the readers it was enhanced and stimulated. The parietal lobe is mainly recognized for its ability to increase writing skills. Writing another very important studying method that goes hand in hand with reading, writing the language enables you to gain fluidity in how a word might sound word by word and once trying to speak the word you can visualize writing it and seeing each letter and it will ultimately help you pronounce more fluently!

Listening – also, Involves the memory centers in the brain, such as the hippocampus and lowest parts of the frontal lobe. Tapping along with the music gets your cerebellum involved. Reading your English note’s/vocabulary involves the visual cortex, and listening to or recalling your note’s will involve language centers in the temporal and frontal lobes.

Take these three studying methods and apply them to your every day studying regiment and fluency will surly be acquired, retain and gain simple fast English now!

Techniques, ” Game Changer “

The above mentioned studying methods are very simple when applied to learning English, I like to use these methods as techniques its’s like becoming skilled at doing something which you will and are! Mastering these studying techniques and methods will be a game changer in your ability to learn simple fast English!

Importantly it is very crucial that you take these studying methods very seriously if you really want to learn, doing these simple things over and over will inevitably enhance your English-speaking skills. You don’t want to waste your time studying and not get anything out of the material, like mentioned in previous segment you want to retain and gain get the most out of each studying session.

Utilizing key techniques to enhance your studying methods allows your brain to grow, if you are yet to understand what a technique/s are I advise you to please take 1 second and read the definition simply click the word!

Simplicity: [ Practice, Repeat, Repetition, ]

Simplicity wow what a defined word for your road to success click the word and take a look at the definition then and only then will you understand how obtainable your goal of speaking simple fast English really is.

Equipped with the above mentioned essentials to learning English and any language, all you need to do now is to practice, repeat, and repetition. Most may say repeat and repetition are the same thing but for me there is a difference, Just repeating something may not have the effect of repeating something over and over so that it sticks with you in the long run continuously saying your vocabulary and using it in everyday practice.

Learn simple fast English with these Tools, Techniques, and studying methods and get speaking English today don’t be afraid try those new English words you just learned today with a colleague’s surprise them with your steady growth of English words daily the more you use it the better you will speak so just go for it and give it a shot! here’s a couple good English books to get you started check them out!

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