Simple Fast English, – 3 Simple Study Methods!

How do you obtain fluency in any language?

Essentially the road to fluency is to study! The more you study the more your brain will retain and the faster you will begin speaking English. Today we will go over the simple studying methods that will get you speaking English right away!

Pay attention to these 3 study methods!

Reading! – ” Expand Your Brain “

    Believe it or not no matter what the more you open your books and study the more your brain will retain and grow, The words eventually will stick! You will see this automatically just keep your head in the book’s.

    Reading is a very powerful stimulate to enhance and grow your ability to hold on to words you have studied, Go over them over and over ! I can’t stress it enough.

    Reading – ” Super Beneficial “

    Reading adds memory storage capacity without any effort at memorization. It’s simply a brain exercise that not only enhances memory ability but slows aging and prevents dementia. Reading increases neuronal current output creating new synapses opening new areas to memory.

    Not only is the effects of reading scientifically proven its something you do every day on a daily basis

    Writing! – ” Familiarization “

    When you begin to write your English words this action will help you get familiar with the words and will aid in your perfect pronunciation and fluency!

    Why Using Pen And Paper, Not Laptops, Boosts Memory: Writing Notes Helps Recall Concepts, Ability To Understand. Using pen and paper for note-taking helps boost memory and the ability to understand, more so than laptops. … Note-taking is a practical way to acquire and retain information while saving time and effort.

    You don’t have to take notes and write in any specific way, you don’t need to even be an expert writer, as long as you understand your material and can study it and gain from it.

    Only you need to understand it!

    Regardless of how your notes look you need to be able to study them and get the most out of what you have just written down, Once you have learned a great amount of vocabulary words you should practice writing and making sentence out of them now!

    Listening! – ” Listen More Than Once “

    repetitiveness, It’s best to listen to audio as a key studying method this will help with enhancing your memory as well as reading. Listening to your audio repetitively locks in the words right in your ears, what I mean by this is when you hear English words or other people speaking English your brain will automatically pick up on the word and recognize it as well as auto translate it for you without you even trying.

    I like to call this your auditory receptors, They pick up on everything!

    Critical listening helps a person understand and evaluate what is being said and how it is being said. It permits the listener to concentrate on the main points and evidence offered for each point and to determine the speaker’s viewpoint and why he or she holds that perspective.

    Simple Fast English – “The Big 3

    The Methods above are scientifically proven to enhance your ability to speak English fluently, Don’t think your just gone learn English with only one of these methods you will never obtain fluency this way. You must incorporate all three of these study methods when you’re studying!

    I understand this may seem hard to do and concentrate but, if you think to your self why am I not understanding or speaking correctly, It’s simple because you need to change the way you study and focus on ” The Big 3 “ Reading, Writing, and Listening!

    ” If ” you truly want to speak English simply make the changes in your study habits today.

    10 thoughts on “Simple Fast English, – 3 Simple Study Methods!

    1. Thank you so much, if you would like I can set you up with so very good English starter words to get you going and see how advanced you are!

      because for me i must learn beter English that  a good system what you great if you wand help you can reach me every time on mij mail

    2. Hi Ramone, I grew up in a family in which my mom was an English teacher and she was very strict about us setting a time apart for reading. We also did a lot of comprehension tests. When I went to university, the habit of taking notes made me retain the material and even understand right there in the moment. When preparing for exams, it became a simple matter of going over the material. I think, in general, people don’t pay enough attention to your 3 activities and we are seeing people  in high office who habitually get their sentence construction all jumbled up and their grammar incorrect. Thanks for this article.

    3. This is very a very excellent article, it is also educative and it will be of great advantage to those willing to learn English language. Its a kind of difficult thing to see articles as straight forward and sensible as this to talk about language acquisition or development, the techniques you listed are very nice and effective. I’ll share this article to some other platforms where it can reach more people so they’ll also benefit from it. Thanks for sharing.

    4. Hello,

      Thank you for the article on how to be fluent in English. As an Educator, I am involved in developing better  techniques of knowledge acquisition. Language is one of my main subjects of interest. Your article seems to address those who already possess academic knowledge of another language and who want to add English as a second or third language. However, this method is limited when it comes to those who cannot read or write. If reading and writing come before listening in your preferential order of language learning, how do you think babies learn a language? This  has been the main focus of my research and I would like us to share our ideas on this issue because I am gradually coming to terms with the fact that listening should be prioritized in our efforts to learn a new language.

      Kind regards,

      Prosper ATEBA

      • Good Day my friend, thank you for your kind words of wisdom I absolutely agree with you on those terms perhaps we should get together and cross examine so notes I am totally open to new ideas and definitely great advice. If you’d like we can chat and share ideas, I really apricate your comments and thoughts look forward to conversing soon have a great day! 

    5. Excellent article, the points were very accurate and perfect, reading a articular thing over and over will surely stick to the brain,and also what I write with my hand into a book always stick to my brain and I quickly remember it as fast as possible, I’ve learnt a lot from your write-up and its all practical enough to follow and the positive result is certain,thank you for sharing this wonderful and helpful post

      • I’m Very glad you enjoyed my post, and I hope that it helps you through out life: ” If ” you have any question feel free let me know. Thanks for the comments and have a great day!

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