Simple Fast English – ” Incorporate Fun! “

Did you ever wounder how modern day school teachers get kids to learn?

Great question!

They make it fun, not only fun but engaging, Teachers have learned over time that you can no longer just place a text book in front of a students face and expect the individual to gain the knowledge expected of them to obtain.

In this article we will be discussing how to implement creativity and fun into you English study plan.

Simple Fast English – ” Engaging Activity “

Learning a new language should be exciting to you it should be fun! Many don’t understand the concept of adding fun to your daily studying methods, Let me explain. The brain engages in many ways the mind is a very complex organ!

The Brain!

The brain is an organ, and a very unusual and complex one at that. It plays a role in every one of our functions, controlling many organs, our thoughts, memory, speech, and movements. At birth, the average brain weighs 1 pound and increases to approximately 3 pounds by adulthood. The majority of that weight — 85 percent of it — is the cerebrum, which is divided in two halves.

In aiming for full engagement, it is essential that students perceive activities as being meaningful. Research has shown that if students do not consider a learning activity worthy of their time and effort, they might not engage in a satisfactory way. To ensure that activities are personally meaningful, we can, for example, connect them with students’ previous knowledge and experiences

Research has demonstrated that engaging students in the learning process increases their attention and focus, motivates them to practice higher-level critical thinking skills, and promotes meaningful learning experiences.

Studying English – ” Make It Fun! “

There are a numerous amount of ways to incorporate fun into learning English and engaging fun that activates the brain for learning in a creative non-traditional way, Take a close look at some of these latest, new, creative, fun, and engaging studying methods that help you better learn English faster, And speak English faster!

Creative, Fun, Engaging, Activities!

1. Add Some Music

Listening to music while you study English can wake up your mind and put you in a better mood to learn. Happy songs can help you feel re-energized and motivated if you’re getting bored, while calming music can help you feel more relaxed if you’re feeling nervous about an upcoming test.
Keep in mind, however, that listening to music with lyrics can actually distract you from what you’re studying. The words of the song can take your attention away from the English words you’re trying to learn. If this bothers you, then you can study with music that doesn’t have lyrics, like jazz or classical.



2. Play Scrabble
Scrabble is a classic board game in which players use random lettered tiles to create words in a crossword fashion. It’s a fantastic way to strengthen your English vocabulary. Playing Scrabble challenges you to really think in English as you try to come up with different words with your set of letters.

If you’re taking an English class, buy the board game and invite your classmates to play with you. You can also play Scrabble online through websites like Facebook, where the game is called Words With Friends.



3. Learn English with Fun YouTube Channels

Not only does YouTube have funny entertainment videos, but there are also some excellent resources for learning English! Here are seven awesome YouTube channels that you can use to study English!



4. Find a Conversation Partner

Get more English conversation practice by searching for English friends online. You might be able to connect with another language learner in your area, or even just exchange emails, instant messages or have Skype conversations in English.

This one here for me I know is very vivid learning and honestly one of the best ways to learn any language! having access to one on one practice live daily is unnaturally advancing for learning a language.

I speak from experience, My fifteen days in Taiwan with my girlfriend I learned so much mandarin daily, constantly, and super fast also was able to retain what I learned and use it to my advantage when I was alone, I realized I learned so fast because, One I had no choice the local areas I was staying in no one spoke English, Two being with my girlfriend she taught me the ropes as my translator and study partner!

Taipei 101 Taiwan

5. Get a Book of English Jokes

While at the library, you could also look for joke books, which are surprisingly useful learning tools. In order to have English conversations, not only do you need to speak the language, but you also have to understand English culture.

Humor is very culture-specific; something that’s funny in one country might not make sense in another. Reading a joke book is also a good way to practice tricky concepts like puns and idioms. You might find the joke book entertaining, and they will teach you how English speakers laugh and have fun.this is a great one to get you started!

6. Learn English Slang

One of the most fun parts about learning English is the slang. Slang is more informal and interesting, plus you’ll sound less robotic and have more of your own personality when using it.

Here are some essential American English slang words and phrases to get you started.


Simple Fast English – ” Stay Focused! “

There are numerous ways to incorporate fun activities into your daily English study plan try something new don’t be shy the more you engage the faster you will speak English and the faster you will learn. Remember stay focused on your material and even when you feel down don’t give up have some fun and keep studying things will stick and come together over time.

When you make a concerted effort to engage in your learning, you’ll be better able to maintain focus, sustain positive behavior, and grasp and retain the material you’re working so hard to deliver–a positive outcome for your self and everybody!

Hope I made it clear guys so start having some fun while studying and learning English and if you have any question feel free to comment below.

15 thoughts on “Simple Fast English – ” Incorporate Fun! “

  1. This is a very interesting aricle on the process of learning.  Making learning fun by engaging the creativity of students is what I have endeavored to over the years working with children in education and mental health.

    You bring out many important points.  The brain is most definitely a very interesting and intricate organ which promotes meaningful experiences in learning.

    Whatever we do it is most important to allow it to be fun.  You offered many ways to engage our  minds in fun and interesting ways.

    Thanks so much for this very important article to help people learn in fun and meaningful ways.  All the Best.

    1. It’s my pleasure, Glad you enjoyed my article and hope it benefits you well in the future! Please don’t hesitate to reach out anytime, Good Day.
      – Ramone

  2. It is very true that engage students in the learning process enables them to be more focused and It keeps them motivated. Have a positive mindset about whatever you’re learning is a sure way of understanding it, that is, if you develop hatred for a particular topic, it’s of no magic, you can’t understand it. Thanks for suggesting the various ways to incorporate fun to English, music and Scrabble are really effective likewise other measures too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Adding fun to one’s daily learning method enables smooth understanding and it works for easy remembrance. Interest is very important when it comes to learning, program your brain to love whatever you learn and I’m very sure you’ll get it right. The measures of adding fun to learning of English that you have in this article are really good and I’m sure they’ll be of massive effectiveness. I’ll share this article to my cousins, they’ll gain a lot from it. I appreciate your efforts, thanks for sharing this educative article.

  4. I totally agree! English is already a confusing language anyways, making it fun to learn will help. This works for all kinds of learning, my sons go to a charter school and are doing much better with their schoolwork because they are using some of the tools you talk about in this article. Learning should be fun, not boring! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Im very pleased to hear that some of these methods in my article are being practiced in school they are very essential to learning and can engage the mind in magnificent ways and excel the rate of one’s learning ability!

  5. In this current world, nobody wishes to go through the rigours of learning. It is either you learn the fun way or people would lose interest in the learning process. This is really massive here as you have shared the ways to ensure that learning is much more easier and much friendlier. All these tips would really come more handy for adult learners of English language especially getting the books and following a youtube channel. Thanks

  6. This are really great ideas for me. I teach English online and i think that using your tips here to teach will more fun not just for me but also for my students. I have never thought to add music before to m teaching but this is something i will likely give a try in my next classes. This is not only easy for me but will be a faster way for my students to grab what i teach. Thank you for educating me like this.

    1. Good Day to You my friend! Im very ecstatic to hear that you will implement this in your class. You will find this very relaxing and engaging as well for you and your students, make the music relevant to them make sure it relates to each and everyone of them and then they will be excited to learn daily! and once they see you have new fun activities daily they will tune in for more! 

      Hear to chat if you every need any advice!

      – Ramone  

  7. Personally, i teach English to some adults but i am looking to quit pretty soon. Having read your post here, i really wished that i had found this post a little earlier. I agree with everything you have written here and one thing i find more interesting is your tip on using music. I will give that a try in my last few days at work. Thank you.

    1. Sorry to hear you leaving from this industry also, glad I can help incorporate something into better your teaching before you part! 

  8. Due to irregularities in the English language, it is only advisable to incorporate fun into the teaching and the learning process of English language especially when teaching to kids. Most people do not know that making learning fun would only make the student look forward to learning everytime. I like the idea of scrabble, jokes books and so many more. Thanks you so much

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