Simple Fast English – Start with the basics!

Good Day to all! Today we are going to go over sticking to the basic’s this allows you to focus on relevant content that you will be using daily, not going a stray studying words and sentence that you may never us right of the back! this will ensure a simple, fast, and easy path to learning English.

In order to begin a conversation or even gain someone’s attention you must be able to greet them; Rule number one the basic’s, Greeting’s! Let’s get into some (simple) fast English conversation starter’s and greeting’s. Saying Hello is the most basic greeting or just simply saying Hi, this gains the individuals’ attention gets them to notice you after that you can decide how to proceed with the conversation.Saying Hello

Greetings – ” Initial Contact “

In order to make the transition from studying English to actually speaking English, Yes you must and will start of with the most basic simple greeting’s Such as Hi, Bye, and Hello then once you get better you will want to advance to your Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, and Good Night! Beginners should be able to say and use these greeting.

Once you get accustomed to using these greeting day in and day out they will become fluent to you pretty much you won’t even have to think to say it, OK so now lets say you want to move on to a more in depth conversation but don’t know how! Well that’s when you get a little more personal and start thinking about one’s feeling’s ask your friend or colleague How are you? this is a direct question and shouldn’t go unanswered, It prompts the person to basically respond. The answer you will receive will be…. If the person Speaks English well……….

  1. I’m doing well
  2. I’m doing fine

    But, actually most people don’t respond like that it’s usually I’m doing good, or they simply just say good! then they may ask the question back. Like……. Good, How are you? Now they are inquiring about your feelings which keep’s the conversation going, Hope you studied well enough to keeping speaking English with them!

    Know Your Grammar/Vocabulary!

    When studying make sure you understand your content and how you will be utilizing it makes sure you use the right word’s in the proper context for example when using basic greetings such as Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, and Good Night! You don’t want to say Good Evening when it’s Afternoon understand the difference.Good Evening

    Take a look at some of these English books with basic, simple, fast, easy English greetings and more!


    When learning new words don’t forget to review them as well add in the old words you already know as well, This helps keep everything you have been studying fresh in your brain as you lock in those new words. As you enhance your vocabulary you will begin putting words together making sentences of your own like a pro, Stick to the basics and what you know keep studying using all your techniques to retain valuable information and get the most out of your study time.

    Starting with the basics always leads to a broader conversation you can take it as far as like the more you test yourself the better you will become over time, as you continue to study and learn English you will start to familiarize yourself with English words and this is key to your fluidity when speaking face to face; Let’s get into exactly what being familiar with what your studying entails!

    Familiarize Yourself with word usage!

    The best way to get familiar with what your studying is to repeat the words this is how they become embedded in your brain then you need to practice usage this allows you to become familiar with the words before you know it you won’t have to think about the words only speak them with ease! Practice greetings to yourself don’t worry about sounding silly or talking to yourself this is how you get better! your, your own study buddy and the best one at that so get at it and talk aloud so you can hear the word as well not only think it.

    You must repeat the words you study to yourself, It’s a must no matter who you are this is the exact process of familiarization, this is how you will gain courage to test your English with others keep studying and getting as many words as you can in your brain trust me they will stick if you continue to study and use the words. Many people make the mistake thinking once they have study the word they don’t need to review them; this is key to your success in learning English you must stay on your game until you are familiar with the English words!

    Practice greetings to yourself don’t forget repetition is key the more you say the words to yourself the faster your brain will become familiar with them! Studying alone

    English – ” Keep It Simple “

    This is pretty simple study words that you know you will be utilizing in everyday conversation like greetings and asking about one’s feeling for example: You know every day you are going to say Hi, Hello, Good Bye, etc, to someone and you then know you will be most likely be engaging in a conversation, so practice and study what you’re using right of hand and also take note on when, where, and what you get stuck on.

    After you have master the basics push your self to move on to better conversation starters, like sentences!Keep Thinking

    Utilize words you know, start putting them together into phrases I understand making sentences are hard when you first begin because your still learning although, The more you get familiar with the words the more you utilize them with ease thus, leads to your fluency!

    Study, Study, Study = Fluency!

    As you know the more you study the more you enhance your brain, and the more your brain grows as well; yes your brain can continue to grow and hold a great wealth of knowledge! Don’t give up keep studying and see to it that your successful.

    I encourage you all right now to practice your new English words and don’t skip out on studying today! only takes two hours, I wanna see you start making new friends today or gain a new job due to your new skill so get learning (simple) fast English Now! Making Friends

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